Qraft is a platform for creating and managing minecraft servers in a simple and scalable way.


Qraft is a dashboard built on top of the Shulker system. Shulker is a system that allow to deploy and manage minecraft server, minecraft proxies and servers clusters. For more information about Shulker, please refer to the Shulker documentation. Thanks to Nuxt 3 and the server capabilities, Qraft is able to communicate with the Kubernetes API to manage the Shulker system.

The figure below shows the architecture of Qraft which pretty simple.

Qraft architecture


From the dashboard, you can:

  • Create a server cluster
  • Create a proxy fleet (BungeeCord / Velocity)
  • Create a minecraft server (Paper / Spigot)
  • Manage your instances (start, stop, restart, delete)
  • View the logs of your instances


Helm chart

Qraft is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster. The deployment is done with the help of Helm. The Helm chart is available on the Qraft repository.


The deployment of the Kubernetes cluster is done with the help of Ansible. The Ansible playbook is available on the Qraft repository.

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